The Wright residence is a yellow house owned by the Wright family. Martin, Ellen, and Nate Wright reside in the house. It is a two-story hosue with an attic and basement. It is located next to Donald Eustis' house and Francis Pope's house.


  • Family room
  • Kitchen
  • Marty's bedroom
  • Ellen's bedroom
  • Nate's bedroom
  • Study with computer
  • Bathroom
  • Attic
  • Basement

Family room

The family room is at the front of the house near the front foor. The stairs to the second floor are also located in the family room. The room includes a sofa bed, where Martin offered Chad Applewhite to sleep there during his stay. There is also a lounge chair next to a lamp. There is a TV in the family room. It used to be a large 90s style TV with a small screen that was on the floor, but was eventually replaced by a flat screen TV on a table. There was once an Atari connected to the TV, but was likely stored or thrown out. It was replaced by a Xbox 360 or One, as Nate mentioned that Uncle Ted played Halo on the couch.


  • The smoke alarm in the kitchen frequently goes off due to Martin's cooking skills, as he usually burns the food.
  • Once, the roof above the family room was destroyed when Martin accidentally catapulted a snowman's head too high, smashing through the roof.
  • It is usually egged on Halloween and was spray-painted, as Marty usually hands out disliked candy on Hallowenn such as zesty ranch soy nuts.
  • Ellen's bedroom was once painted, resulting in her having to stay in Nate's bedroom for a few days. During this time, Ellen put posters all around Nate's walls, organized the messy room, built a troll village and even sprayed perfume all around the room (which resulted in Francis thinking that Nate put on perfume during baseball practice).
  • The house does not have air-conditioning or any ceiling fans, which Nate often complains about during the summer.
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