Wright is the surname of Nate Wright, his family, and his relatives.

Family Members

Main Family

People Notes
Nate Wright He is an eleven-year-old student attending P.S. 38, and is the youngest of two siblings.
Ellen Wright She is a fifteen-year-old student and older sister of Nate Wright.
Marty Wright He is a divorced overweight forty-nine-year-old man and parent of two children.
Nate's Mother She got divorced with Marty Wright, and currently lives 2,000 miles away from their house. Nate barely knows her, and he can only send cards and call her on the phone.


People Notes
Vern Wright Born in Cleveland, Ohio, he is the father of Marty Wright, and grandfather of Nate and Ellen Wright.
Marge Wright Raised on a dairy farm and educated in a one-room schoolhouse, she is the mother of Martin Wright, and grandmother of Nate and Ellen Wright. She is married to Vernon Wright.

She is also the most responsible person in the family

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