The Wright Family Room is the family room in the Wright Residence.

Furniture and other items

There is a couch in the family room, where Ellen Wright and Gordie used to make out. It was later revealed to be a pull-up couch, when Marty offered Chad to sleep there during his stay. There is also a lounge chair, which is located next to a lamp. There is a TV in the family room. It used to be a large, 90s styled TV with a small screen that was on the floor, but was eventually replaced by a flat screen TV on a table. There was an Atari connected to the TV in the early days of the comic, but was probably stored or thrown out. It was replaced by a Xbox 360 or One, as Nate mentioned that Uncle Ted played Halo on the couch in the 2010s.


The family room is in front of the house, and is where the front door is located. The stairs to the second floor is also located in the family room.

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