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Operation Wikipossible V (August 5, 2020 – October 1st 2020)
Operation Wikipossible V is a massive project created by the admins of our wiki to help make this site a better operational place, as well as celebrate the 10th anniversary, and the history, of our home, our wiki, the Big Nate Wiki. The project will have the nostalgia of the very first Wikipossible hosted by the first admin, BlackMonkey, 9 years ago in 2011. After Operation Wikipossible III, our site was incredibly wikitastic, but over the months, it has fallen into a near-death zone, so now it's time to make the wiki strong again!

This wiki must evolve, as Big Nate is a popular collection of comics with lots of infomation that our wiki could really use. We need it! And our primary source of workers aren't just the admins, but the community. That means you. Not him. Not the guy in the corner. You! You can make this wiki a better place! There will be a couple of phases, each focusing on different areas of the wiki, and by the end of it all, this wiki will be triumphant. If we work together, the overall whole will be much greater than the sum of its parts!

And there's one more thing...

The Prizes

That's right! At the end of Operation Wikipossible, prizes will be given to the most hardworking users out there. Prizes that are predictable, but are bigger than anything you could imagine! User rights! Here is how the users will be granted user rights.
1st place will get content moderator rights + discussions moderator rights + their own badge!!
2nd place will get discussions moderator rights + rollback + their own badge!!
3rd place will get discussions moderator rights + rollback!
People who didn't make the leaderboard but worked just as hard will get a consulation prize by getting rollback!
Only you have the power inside of you to make yourself win. The tension is on! Whoever gives the best gets back the best! Let the games begin, folks!

How To Earn Points

What's a competition without points? Creating a quality page approved by staff members can earn you 15 points.

What are the ways you can help out? One great way is to expand smaller articles by adding information! It may appear we already have everything on the wiki, but we still need to add lots of information, and only YOU can make a difference. Click here to help the short pages!

We also recommend that you notify admins when you create pages! Admins checking your work can be a grueling task, so with you counting your pages or earned points can really help out an admin!

Badges earned after August 5th will also count towards your score with each bronze being 10 points, silver being 50, gold is worth 100 and the platinum badge is 250!

Phase 1: Comic strips

(Ends October 1st 2020)

Along with earning badges, making edits, inviting friends, writing blogs, etc., there will be "phases" during Wikipossible V, where you can earn bonus points for doing certain tasks (as long as you do them during the phase).

Adding comic strip pages has always been one of our biggest interests, and we still have a very long way to go to adding every single comic strip onto the wiki. During this phase, if you create a comic strip page, following the comic strip article criteria here (see a perfect example: Comic strip: January 8, 1991), you will earn 25 points!

Phase 2: Forums, Games, Fun!

(Ends October 1st 2020)

In the mix of contributing, you can also create a forum game! Each active forum game that you make via the Fun and Games board will get you 20 points! To access forums, click here.


Here are a few other things that might be helpful to know.
  • Even though vandalism counts as contributions, being blocked will count as negative points. If you are blocked, you lose 1 point for every hour. For example, if you are blocked for exactly 3 days, that's 72 hours and 72 points lost. It always rounds up to the nearest hour. It never rounds down, so if you are blocked for 2 hours and 1 second, you still lose 3 points. A maximum of 672 points can be lost from one block.

The Goal

Obviously, the main goal of this operation is to create a more fun and active wiki that every user can enjoy, read comics, and learn lots and lots about Big Nate Wiki. We've come so far in 10 years, but we still aren't at our full potential, but with you giving it your all on this competition, we could be one step closer. But most importantly, we hope you have fun!

Note: The users already with user rights are in charge of this project.

Note: You can view the Leaderboard by clicking here. It may be outdated but we are constantly keeping everything under control.

Note: Admins and content mods may not get any rewards from this operation, but they will be of an inconvenience to your rank as they can earn points as well (Except the main hosts, Swasimcool and Hasan987), all the more reason to try and beat them!

Note: You will not appear in the leaderboard if you haven't contributed after August 5th.

You have the potential to change this wiki forever! So what are you waiting for? Let's GO! :) -The Admins

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