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December 24/14

The weekly poll has been updated. Un-needed pages have been deleted.

December 23/14

Hey Big Nate Wiki!

I'm am so sorry for the length of time I have been away! Daily updates will be starting up again very soon, which will be found here. I would like to officially welcome DOGLOVER129 as the wiki associate manager. Again, sorry for the time I've been away.


Wiki Supervisor

December 24/13 - Westonallen0990

We have made one final update before christmas! Our christmas theme! Thank you to Chad for setting this up!

On behalf of EpicGusher, Chad, and myself - MERRY CHRISTMAS!

December 23/13 - Westonallen0990

Hi everyone! I'm sorry I haven't been doing many updates because I have been quite inactive. V3 is almost complete, I'm sorry for the big delay.

On-Behalf of EpicGusher, Chad, and myself - MERRY CHRISTMAS!

December 8/13 - Westonallen0990

I have removed the rank of "Coder" on the staff page and have made "Assistant Manager" into "Deputy Manager".

December 7/13 - Westonallen0990

I am going to be using the wiki twitter account more!

December 7/13- Chad012

i just catagorizedall the page.

December 6/13 - Westonallen0990

Humble49 has been demoted.

December 5/13 - Westonallen0990

A New type of staff is being added in-charge of removing vandalism! 

December 1/13 - Chad012

I updated the background to take up the whole screen.

December 1/13 - Westonallen0990

Please welcome Chad012, our new wiki coder! 

November 29/13 - Humble49

I have completed our December, 2013 newsletter.

November 27/13 - Westonallen0990

Very Interesting.  The wiki was close to closing, but we got a whole bunch of users!

November 22/13 - Westonallen0990

-Changing around staff username colours. (Complete)*

-BIG updates on homepage! (Complete)*

  • For Now

November 22/13 - Westonallen0990

Adding a few new, exciting features!

November 21/13 - Westonallen0990

We are hiring a new wiki coder (Applications on the forums).  V3 is coming along just great!

November 12/13 - Westonallen0990

Sorry, I have been on vacation, and not on the wiki much, We are creating a Version 3 of Big Nate Wiki, AND WE HAVE A UNDERCOVER CODING ADMIN! Expect MAJOR updates!

 October 10/13 - Westonallen0990

Sorry, I haven't been posting much recently.  Not too much has changed, we are looking for 2 admins!

October 8/13 - Westonallen0990

Big Nate Forums are open:

October 7/13 - Westonallen0990BOT

Big Nate Wiki is now official affiliates with Camp Half Blood Wiki.

October 7/13 - Westonallen0990

Big Nate Wiki is now opperating on V2.0!

October 5/13 - Westonallen0990

An Official Information report~on Vandalism has been released by me.

User:Westonallen0990 - Wiki General Manager 12:00, October 5, 2013 (UTC)

October 5/13 - Westonallen0990

I have changed the Affilate Requests page!

September 18/13 - Westonallen0990

We need a new Wiki Coder, leave your application in the forums under applications!

September 13/13 - Westonallen0990

Frag Watermelon is no longer a rollback, I have removed him from the staff page!

September 9/13 - Westonallen0990

M1870 is no longer an admin, I have removed him from the staff page.  Prepare for some major updates!

September 9/13 - Westonallen0990

I have updated the theme to our winter theme!

September 2/13 - Westonallen0990

We are now affiliates with Habbo Wiki!

September 2/13 - Westonallen0990

I have just givenSolo+pbellUNITE rollback rights!

September 1/13 - Westonallen0990

I have changed affiliate requests!

August 31/13 - Westonallen0990

I am going to be protecting UserPages!

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