The Weekly Bugle is P.S. 38's school newspaper that has gone on for over 38 years. All the students think it stinks and is really boring, especially considering that the weekly bugle has no sense of humor and comes out only once a month. Nate tried adding a Dr. Cesspool, his comic, but kids complained that it was too violent. The Weekly Bugle also has errors, such a spelling, grammar and wrong pictures.

Bugle Blasts

Nate contributed to the newspaper with "Bugle Blasts". On his first column, he wrote the Teacher Tidbits, and a Romance Report.

He made fun of Randy at the end in "Guess that Guy" because one time, Randy made Nate's soda can splash root beer all over him, and he got laughed at by the whole school. Then, Nate got in trouble with the principal and Randy taunted him all afternoon.

Randy attacked Nate even though "Guess That Guy" merely let Nate one-up him. Nate retired Bugle Blasts after the first column.

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