Lovebug is a lawn gnome.


Kristen attends P.S. 38.


Shannon attends P.S. 38.


Sue attends P.S. 38


Carlos is in Nate Wright's gym class.


Pinky is a lawn gnome.


Nubbin is a lawn gnome.


Mr. Galvin owns a fern that he calls Glenda.

Mr. Klein

Klein is a teacher at Jefferson Middle School.


McWinky is a lawn gnome.


Peekaboo is a lawn gnome.


Dumpling is a lawn gnome.


Krinkles is a lawn gnome.


Butterball is a lawn gnome.


Wobbly is a lawn gnome.

Hilda Wright

Great Aunt Hilda is Marty Wright's aunt. She has phlebitis.


Jose attends P.S. 38.


Jason attends P.S. 38.

Mrs. Kiley

Kiley works at the public library. She was the teacher supervisor for the Summer Book Club.


Sourpuss is a lawn gnome.

Mr. Zimmer

Zimmer teaches at P.S. 38.

Ms. Desmond

Desmond teaches at P.S. 38.


Patrick was once seen in the Detention Room.

Todd Benson

Benson once took Jenny Jenkins to the P.S. 38 Halloween Dance.

Mr. Jenkins

Jenkins is the janitor at P.S. 38. He may be Jenny's father as their last names are both Jenkins.

Doctor Arch-Enemy

Enemy is in Dr. Cesspool, a comic drawn by Nate Wright. Enemy plays the role as Cesspool's rival. According to Cesspool, Enemy gets to do all the important operations, while all Cesspool does is extract excess earwax.

Ms. Nancy

Nancy was Nate Wright's preschool teacher. Nate remembers her for having "wicked body odor" and her daily sing-alongs. Ms. Nancy has only appeared in Big Nate Lives It up as a flashback sequence.

Stan (P.S. 38 student)

Stan went out with Michelle ever since she told him that she likes him.

Ms. Beaky

Beaky is a pet parrot.

Annette Bingham

Bingham is a girl scout who once phoned Nate Wright.


Gayle was Marty Wright's friend when they were in middle school. She played Ultimate Frisbee with Marty.

Dr. Quinone

Quinone works as a doctor. She was the one who took a cast of off Nate Wright's wrist.


Veronica is a black sheep that Ted Wright mentioned on August 2, 2005. However, Ted thinks of Veronica as more of a robust umber rather than a straight black.

Mrs. Lispenard

Lispenard teaches at P.S. 38.

Ms. Granger

Granger (not to be confused with Hermione Granger) was the old detention monitor. Nate Wright describes her as a woman with an iron fist with a wooden ruler.


Nicole attends P.S. 38.


Peepers is a lawn gnown. It belongs to a lady in Nate Wright's neighbourhood.

Nate is Great

Nate is Great is a title for a comic by Nate Wright.

Debbie Sorvino

Debbie Sorvino is a student at P.S. 38. She was on Nate's fleeceball team and added all her friends to the roster. They chatted during the entire game.

Kevin (Unseen)

Kevin is a boy who Angie used to like.


Katie is in Nate Wright's social studies class.


Rudi is a lost cat that is owned by a Unidentified Cat Owner.


Marge is a person at the school board meeting who didn't want the drama program eliminated.

Ramona Bombshell

Unnamed kid in Cartooning Club's character.

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