Vern Wright, commonly referred to by his children as "Gramp", is the grandfather of Nate and Ellen. He is the father of Martin Wright and Theodore Wright and the husband of Marge Wright.


===Early Life===

Vern waiting for Marge to do the laundry

Vernon Wright was born in Cleveland, Ohio. When he was a kid, he worked a lot. He got together in high school with Marge Wright.

When he chaperoned for Nate's field trip to an art museum, Ken Rosa asked him if he has any interest in art. This resulted with Vern pulling up his shirt and saying "I've got a tattoo here that is quite a masterpiece". Later on, Vernon became angry with the cashier at a gift shop, since he was expecting them to sell Junior Mints at the store.


  • Vern first appeared on February 21, 1999.
  • On July 24, 2013, he said he was 80, which makes him born in 1933.
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