Well I’m back.

I’ve been super busy lately. So, to my 2 readers, sorry.

Anyway I should be posting more often now.

Anyway a lot has happened in Big Nate, so much I wont be able to talk about it all but let me just go over the last few storylines.

Dec 17 - 22 the cookie storyline. Pretty good and new idea. Not much to say about it though.

Dec 24 - 29 Christmas storyline. First one was about the dog. Good way to get it out of the way for the year. Next one was Christmas Day which was great with Ellen. Then the last 3 were with spitsy which all were awesome and a great way to end the year.

Dec 31 - 5 This storyline ends today and is the New Year’s Eve storyline. Great way to change things from the standard of monopoly every year.(I’m not saying I don’t like the monopoly storylines)

I’d rate them in the order I wrote them.

I don’t know what else to say so Ill rate the Sunday strips.

Worst: Dec 23 Still absolutley awesome and funny. Great joke and awesome artwork.

Middle: Dec 16 Nate buying Ellens Christmas gift. Kind of connects to Christmas’ strip Also the backgrounds were incredible

Best: Dec 30 Skating strip featuring Randy and Miranda. Awesome strip that had amazing dialogue and excellent art.

Okay there we go. That’s what I’ve got for now. Anyway thank you for reading and goodbye.

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