OCT. 8

Hello everyone and welcome back to BIG NATE TALKS! I don’t know if I did this right but here’s volume 2.

First I’d like to Thank Hasan987 and Positive Trade Elixer (Sorry I wrote your names off memory) for reading and commenting on the first edition and explaining the wiki and everything about it to me. I will be active and be on often.

Anyways time to get in to the strip.

So three days have gone by so I’ll review all 3 strips. (I was gonna wait longer but I was just excited to continue)

Lets start with Saturday:

It was a good way to tie up the storyline with the classic gag of Nate taking a horrible photo.

I don’t want to go to in depth in the storyline but its a good way to end it.

Next the Sunday strip:

Last strip of September was good. At first I thought it was a rerun but was pleasantly surprised.

As usual Nate wanted to go to Francis’ book club but THIS time it wasn’t for the snacks; it was for the girls.

To be honest, even though the strip was great, I LOVED the first panel (the drawing of Nate) Even though Nates comics never appear in the strip now I think the drawing was great.

And now the moment you’ve all been waiting for... why I decided to make a blog post today...


OH SNAP (get it)

Nate was playing goalie and caught a ball... but then... SNAP! And thats all...

I think he broke his wrist again like in 1992 (i think)

This is a big deal in my opinion. This storyline will go on for a while if it’s a broken bone.

I am HYPED for tomorrow. I’m guessing it will start with Francis and Teddy checking to see if Nate is okay or with Chad and Coach Calhoun...

UNLESS coach john is their coach for the game. That would be interesting.

I give this 10/10 no question.


If you made it to here CONGRATULATIONS! Unless you skipped here. Most people probably skipped through most of it. OKAY THANK YOU FOR READING! Next post will be up before Saturday... or on Sunday. -Skull

P.S. Thank you for reading VERY much

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