• Duncanrules

    So this blog is about you readers. I hope people are actually reading this and I'm not being ridiculously pathetic and stupid: Anyway, comment down your own short story about Ultra-Nate. I don't care if the villain is Godzilla (Mrs. Godfrey) or you create your own villain or what, but it has to be a character from the Big Nate franchise. I also don't care if Flunky (Gina) or Mega-Chad (Chad) is featured, but it MUST involve Ultra-Nate:

    One day, when Ultra-Nate was showing off to girls at P.S. 38, there was a roaring sound, then a scream. Dee Dee Hollaway was on the floor, wounded in both her legs so she couldn't escape. Her face crunched up in ways most couldn't imagine from the pain. Godzilla was there, with a giant fork in her hand! Then,…

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