Today I sat down with my very cute crush, Olivia Itturia. It's too bad she's moving. Not just because I like her. If she's moving, that also means I have to tell her that I really like her before I probably never see her again.

Sorry, that was a dumb joke. 

But that's not the only bad part of my day. I also had to sit through my brother's band practice for two hours.

Yeah, you read right. Two. Entire. HOURS!

I wish I could've walked home myself, but my brother is the only one who knows how to get home.

I decided to take a walk, and when I did, one of the teachers saw me and asked what I was still doing at school, so I explained my dilemma. Then she let me use one of the computers in her room until she was done.

Something worries me, though. I think I left one of them half on.

We were going to walk home, but then our dad picked us up because he was done with work by the time my brother was done. 

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