Well, it's Saturday, so I got two days of NOT worrying about Olivia.

I think I'll tell her I like her near the end of the month: October 23. By coincidence, that's the day I have to give a boring, stupid report about my cultural heritage for English class.

My homework this weekend was to do some research for it, but I'm putting it off until tomorrow, like EVERY teenager does (I think).

Back to my Olivia dilemma: I'M FREAKING OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

She's most likely on to me. That's not good, because I need to keep it a secret until the end of the month or it'll be spoiled. But there is one problem after ANOTHER with that.

1. Her FRIENDS. A few of them DEFINITELY know I like her, and it isn't too long before the secret spreads to her if it already hasn't. Because her friends are a bunch of BLABBERS!

2. I may be the worst secret keeper in the UNIVERSE. I keep saying words that lets her friends know I like her. And like I said, her friends are a bunch of BLABBERS!

I have absolutely NO IDEA how I'm supposed to keep my feelings for Olivia a secret before October 23. I thought of not sitting by her at lunch every day, but then I realized she would ask why. And I come from a religion where I'm supposed to tell the entire truth, so that's a no-go.

Anyway, before I end this post, you probably want to know what I look like. Here's a picture of me.

I think I'm pretty cool, except for the hair that sticks up on my left.

One of these days I've GOTTA get a haircut.

I also like to make YouTube videos. My channel was bad at first, but it's getting better. Sort of.

Anyway, here's one of them. If you like it, you can subscribe to me.

Wish me luck with hiding my secret until the 23rd.