Hey all! My name's BlackMonkey and I'm a huge Big Nate fan! I'm a rollback user over at the Avatar Wiki, where I've got over 2,500 edits. That's enough for me, though. I've got some big plans for The Big Nate Wiki, and here's the basis of it all:

I come from one of the most developed wikis online, so I know a lot about HTML and all this Wikia stuff. I am especially good at templates and stuff like that. I'm hoping to get a lot done here because I just love Big Nate so much, and here are a bunch of goals for the Big Nate Wiki which I have came up with:

  • Shape up the main page - As I said before, I can do lots with boxes, templates, and whatnot, so I'm interested in shaping up the main page so this place looks really good.
  • Get user rights set up - All members of all wikis are put into four basic groups; user, rollback, admin, and bureaucrat. Users are normal, rollbacks can easily delete vandalism, admins can block users and change the wiki, and bureaucrats can give these rights to others. This is more of a long-term project, but getting pages for these eventually would be helpful.
  • Make sure all articles are up to standard - Articles should be complete, filled with information, and reasonable. No opinions should be on pages unless they are specifically meant for opinions.
  • Create badges for the wiki - Badges are a cool way that users can be rewarded for editing and earn points. Those will take a while to fully set up, though.

That's about it for now. Contact me if you need any help, want to participate, or have any Wikia questions. I'll be talking with the founder of this wiki soon.

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