• BlackMonkey

    Operation Wikimpossible

    November 28, 2011 by BlackMonkey

    First off, I'd like to introduce myself, BlackMonkey, to the growing the contributors of the Big Nate Wiki. I am an administrator here, and am determined to make this a site for the ages.

    To do this, I have founded a new wiki-wide project called Operation Wikimpossible, which I would recommend you to help contribute to, as the user who contributes to Operation Wikimpossible the hardest will be granted administrator rights when the project is finished, for some motivation. If you want to help out and work towards these rights, you don't have to become addicted to editing or anything, just try to complete the latest tasks posted on this page. Sound cool? I bet it does. I've began this project, and you can make it happen.

    Join the revolution today…

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  • BlackMonkey

    Big Plans for Big Nate

    October 8, 2011 by BlackMonkey

    Hey all! My name's BlackMonkey and I'm a huge Big Nate fan! I'm a rollback user over at the Avatar Wiki, where I've got over 2,500 edits. That's enough for me, though. I've got some big plans for The Big Nate Wiki, and here's the basis of it all:

    I come from one of the most developed wikis online, so I know a lot about HTML and all this Wikia stuff. I am especially good at templates and stuff like that. I'm hoping to get a lot done here because I just love Big Nate so much, and here are a bunch of goals for the Big Nate Wiki which I have came up with:

    • Shape up the main page - As I said before, I can do lots with boxes, templates, and whatnot, so I'm interested in shaping up the main page so this place looks really good.
    • Get user rights set up
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