aka The Real Slim Shady

  • I live in Dedham, MA (Right outside of Boston)
  • I was born on November 19
  • My occupation is a backup dancer for LeShaniqua
  • I am Beautiful, no matter what they say.
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Yeah, I'm the guy that made this wiki. As you can see, I don't edit this wiki that much, because I'm mostly on the Fairly Odd Parents Wiki. Big news Big Nate Wiki! We just got our first admin, BlackMonkey! So, look foreword to updates to this wiki. Also, I'll be updating "Big Nate On A Roll" soon, because I pre-ordered it.

O.K. Guys. BIG news! So, at the end of January, I will be giving people rights! The #1 and #2 users (excluding me of course) will get to be BUREAUCRATS! The next 2 highest ranks will be admins, and the next 2 will have rollback rights. This will be graded by how many badge points you have earned. More info coming soon

Yeah, bureaucrats are a bit to far. If you would like to be a bureaucrat on this wiki, you will have to be a REAL good editor! BlackMonkey is making a major update to the Big Nate Wiki called Big Nate Wiki:Operation Wikipossible. So, you can see more about it on the link.

Note: This user is inactive, as most information here is outdated. If you would like to meet our new admins, see here.

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