• I live in Baby Yoda Fan Club
  • My occupation is Swim Team, Cross Country, Camping, Drawing, Tubing
  • I am Male
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Welcome to my profile, <insert name here>

My username is TheAmazingCrafter, and I've been contributing to this wiki since March 15, 2018. If you need to ask any questions, just ask it on my message wall. If you need help on something when it comes to edits, new pages, challenges, etc, don’t be afraid to ask any questions. I hope you enjoy having a great time on FANDOM!

Some of my accomplishments is that I have made over 3300 edits, I have 4,700 achievement points, I got second place in Wikipossible III, the creator of Wikipossible IV, and own three other wikis!

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FudgyGuy for admin!

CHAD My favorite character is Chad!

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I contribute mostly to this wiki, but occasionally, I check out the Big Nate COMMENTS Wiki to participate in the contests.

I am currently active. What days I am on depends on how busy my day is in real life. I am generally not online on Sundays.

I am the CEO and Update Manager of the wiki. I try to come up with creative ideas for these updates to try to make the wiki more active. I am also an administrator. If you have any questions about coding, ask Positive Elixir trade or KellyTheGachaGirl.

I post the updates for Big Nate Wiki. Stay tuned for minor and large updates! If there's something going that will prevent me from being on the wiki, I will address that on a blog.

Created Articles

and more to come!

Mr. Rosa

Welcome to Big Nate!

Big Nate is a great and funny series! I hope I can develop more on this wiki for people to learn more!

Hope you have a great time on Big Nate Wiki!

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Biography of Me In Pictures


A favorite hobby of mine during the summer, water tubing


Like Nate, I can snack for days


I’m an animal lover, I love all animals, (with the exception of some insects).


I like to draw comics myself! My biggest creation has been Andy Dandy!


I’m the swim champion!


Like Francis, I find all trivia fascinating!


I’m soon going to be driving! In about 2 years...


I am the opposite of this drama queen. I try to AVOID the drama

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