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  • I live in Pennslvania USA
  • My occupation is Whatever I want it to be
  • I am Da one
Hi, my name is Neptune_Ninja or Neptune for short.

Or Neptune for short.

My wiki username is:Neptune7Ninja2ComicsFeel free to ask questions or give me code on my message wall! I got premotted to some moderator things, so feel free to ask questions! Also, if I don't reply to something in 48 hours, then the topic is over.

About me

  • I am an active moderator.
  • If you want a custom profile picture just ask!
  • I also comment on Go comics, and am part of the big nate comments wiki. (A lot of users here come from there.)
  • I have my own wiki called interverse, linked on My website on my profile page.
  • I have custom name colors from PET.
  • I have offered spin code to PET, still hoping for that update.
  • Any technology questions? ask me or PET. PET is better than me at that stuff, so you should probably ask and me.

Friends on this wiki

Custom profile pictures

If you want a custom made profile picture, I can make you one! Just ask me on my message wall and describe the picture. If I don't get back to you in 48 hours, try to message me again.

Have fun

That's all! Haven fun on the Big Nate wiki! Feel free to ask questions, mods will answer. This is Neptune_Ninja_Comics signing out!

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==Friends on this wiki==
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