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10. [[Sheila Stapleton]]<br />
10. [[Sheila Stapleton]]<br />
"<span style="color: Silver; font-weight: bold;"> If you say you can't, you wont. If you say you can, you might."</span> -KellyTheGachaGirl
"<span style="color: Purple; font-weight: bold;"> If you say you can't, you wont. If you say you can, you might."</span> -KellyTheGachaGirl

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Hi, my name is KellyTheGachaGirl! I'm a huuge fan of Big Nate, it all started out when I had to read 100 books and I found Big Nate and I decided to read it and IT WAS THE BEST COMIC I EVER READ. I even came up with my own character in Big Nate called Vicki Harmon. I could suggest it to Lincoln Peirce but I dunno his email :(
I'm also in charge of the Story Arcs. I update them each day.(But not all of them tho)
Kelly used to be my favorite character, but I sort of like Daisy better now, cuz she's cuter. But Kelly's still my favorite.
AND I'm the only one who earned the 37000th edit Lucky Fortune Cookie Badge, and a few more! I'm hoping to earn as many badges as I can!
Got anything to say to me, want to ask me to add some photos to the wiki?
Be sure to leave a message on my wall if you ever need help! 
There are some things I can't answer, however, so talk to PET about those. 
If you want, you can even talk to TheAmazingCrafter or my good friend RubyUni, even if they don't know as much as PET, and Ruby's not online a lot,  but they can still help.
I've read almost every single Big Nate comic book. I've read all the ones in color, but I don't have access to The Complete Big Nate 19, so I can't finish it. I'm not gonna be online all day every day, cuz I have other stuff to do, and I'm still in middle school which takes up half the day so yeah, you can leave me a message on my wall, I'll reply as soon as I can.

Anyway, I like to contribute to this wiki, one day I hope to be a bureaucrat. Please be sure to visit my wiki, Meow Playground Wiki
Thank you for taking your time to read my profile. :)


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In my head, Vicki looks like this.

My top 10 favorite characters

1. Kelly
2. Nate Wright
3. Daisy
4. Dee Dee Holloway
5. Chad Applewhite
6. Mr. Rosa
7. Gertrude
8. Artur Pashkov
9. Teddy Ortiz
10. Sheila Stapleton

" If you say you can't, you wont. If you say you can, you might." -KellyTheGachaGirl

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