Student, Peter Pan Play Worker.




Boys, Superheroes


Gina Hemphill-Toms



This female student at P.S. 38 is known to be fond of unicorns. For some reason, Nate can never remember her name, so her name is unknown. She has shown distaste for boys (calling them smelly) and superheroes.


Before Third Period began, this girl took to writing on her arm: "Unicorns are beautiful! Boys are smelly!" During the prelude of the Peter Pan play, she sat at a table and handed random brochures to attendants. During the Trivia Slam, she joined Gina's Geniuses.

She also appeared in Nate's "Cartooning Catastrophe!" comic. In it, she is standing over Nate while the latter is drawing and saying to Nate, "Why do you smelly boys draw super heroes?" before suggesting they draw unicorns instead.

Personality and traits

This girl has a reclusive and withdrawn personality, something she does not seem afraid to hide from society. She is extremely quiet, and is rarely seen talking. Additionally, she is not used to boys, calling them smelly, and has a passion for unicorns, who she thinks are beautiful. She seems to have a habit of writing on her arms via marker.

Behind the scenes

  • This girl is a minor character, making recurring appearances throughout the novels.
  • There is a common misconception that ??? and Becca are the same person. In truth, there is no reliable evidence supporting this theory.
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