The Trivia Slam is an annual competition in which P.S. 38 students team up and compete with each other on any type of trivia. Ms. Clarke hosts the trivia slam. The last team standing wins. However, in the final round nobody on your team can help you with the qtrivia questions. Before the final round, Gina's Geniuses were the current undefeated champions, however, they were replaced by Francis' Factoids.


In Big Nate: Flips Out, Nate Wright, Teddy Ortiz, Chad, and Dee Dee are part of Francis' Factoids. In the beginning, five teams stand, but as questions get harder, teams get eliminated. Eventually, their team makes it to the final two against Gina's Geniuses. At first, it seemed like Gina's Geniuses would have won because Mrs. Clarke gave Randy Betancourt a sports question. Fortunately, the question was about chess which confused Randy since he is not a chess person. Randy answered incorrectly giving the Factoids a chance to win. When Nate was given his question, he and Francis knew what the answer would be and Nate answered correctly, making the Factoids winners of the competition.


The only seen or mentioned teams in the Trivia Slam are:


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