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Teddy √ Ortiz is Nate Wright's "1A best friend, the tritagonist of Big Nate, and is also friends with Francis Pope. He is most commonly seen with a red shirt with a black circle in the middle, with green gridded pants. Teddy is the keyboardist and lyricist of Nate's garage band, Enslave the Mollusk. He plays basketball, soccer, baseball, and softball with Nate and Francis for P.S. 38's sports teams.

Physical Appearance

Teddy has black eyes and is usually seen wearing a long-sleeved red shirt with a black circle with green, striped pants. However, he is seen on November 11, 2019 with a purple shirt. Nate claims that without his normal red shirt, nobody will recognize him. This does happen, yes. In his debut, his head looked blockier only to gradually turn into a more circular shape in a few months.

Teddy set a school record for speed belching


Teddy is usually laid-back and mellow. There is much evidence that Teddy is a jokester,[1][2] which sometimes gets on his friends' nerves. He is also the sporty one of the trio, although Nate Wright is a faster runner. When it comes to Artur Pashkov, Teddy is comfortable to have him around, much to Nate's dismay. He and Francis also gang up on Nate when Nate refuses to involve Artur. He is typically upbeat and is only beat-up when he gets in trouble or loses one of his favorite things (Ex: His Supa-Sno Tube). He's not featured as much as Francis, possibly because he doesn't have as much of a personality like him.



Nate Wright

Nate and Teddy are the best of friends. They met when Teddy moved into Nate's school. Teddy is now Nate's #1A friend. According to Nate's Q-score list, Teddy is a whopping 96.

Francis Pope

Likely, Francis and Teddy are also best friends.


Trudy met Teddy when Nate introduced them shortly after Nate and Trudy became a couple. However, she is determined to spend time with her friends instead. Whether or not she was trying to avoid Teddy and Francis for any reason remains unknown.


Paige is Teddy's ex-girlfriend. They broke up when Teddy didn't feel comfortable with her (ex. The sweater Paige made for him), and she has not been seen in the strip since.


Behind the Scenes

  • He is mainly the tritagonist of Lincoln Peirce's Big Nate comic strip.
  • Since his parents are math teachers, his middle name is √, so his full name is Teddy Square Root Ortiz.
  • He is a fan of sports and likes sports stars like Yao Ming.
  • At first, Lincoln Peirce wanted Teddy to be the rival of Nate, but soon he became one of Nate's dearest friends.
  • Teddy is one of the original four characters in Big Nate in the 1990s.
  • His dad is one of the leaders of the Timber Scouts. He scouts Troop 3 with his friends.
  • It is revealed he is of Mexican and Puerto Rican origin.
  • Teddy has acrophobia (the fear of heights).
  • Teddy was first mentioned on October 17, 1992, when Nate broke his wrist, and called his friends to sign his cast.
  • His first full appearance was on January 27, 1994, however, Teddy Mertz, who could be mistaken for Teddy, was mentioned before this time.
  • It was shown on May 18, 2003, that a girl named Cindy has a crush on Teddy, however, he does not like her back.
  • He used to date Paige, but broke up with her because he didn't feel comfortable with her.
  • His mom bakes brownies for timber scout meetings.
  • When Teddy first appeared in 1994, It appeared that Teddy asked Nate to find out if Jenny liked him. Jenny said that Teddy wasn't her type although later in around 2009, Jenny had a rather dreamy voice talking to Teddy while Nate was playing aloof.
  • Teddy can make chocolate milk come out his nose.
  • Teddy is ranked a 10 out of 100 in Jenny's rating system.