Teddy Ortiz's father, who was born in Puerto Rico, is a math teacher; husband of Mrs. Ortiz and father of four children, the youngest being Teddy Ortiz.


He was born in Puerto Rico, but moved to the United States and got married to Mrs. Ortiz, a Mexican woman. They had four children together. One was a girl, the youngest, Teddy, was a boy, and the other two children's information is unknown. He, like his wife, became a math teacher. He is also the leader of Timber Scout Troop Three and, as Teddy describes him, a "civil war buff buff", as he has all kinds of history books and has model battlefields about the civil war in his basement.


  • His brother is Pedro Ortiz, making him Teddy's paternal uncle.
  • He once made Teddy rake the yard.


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