A Supa-Sno Tube is a special tube used for sledding. Teddy Ortiz once bought one using the money he earned shoveling driveway. He Nate Wright, and Francis Pope, used it to sled down Cluffy's Cliff until Nolan, a Jefferson student, and his gang stole it from them. Although the tube can only hold two people, Nolan's entire gang sled on it at once. When they got to the bottom of the hill, it popped, and the damage was beyond repairable.


Big Nate Goes For Broke

This tube is briefly owned by Teddy Ortiz. Teddy bought it from the money he earned by shoveling various driveways. Nate Wright, Francis Pope, and Teddy used it to sled down Cluffy's Cliff until Nolan and his gang showed up and snatched it from them. Teddy claimed that the tube can only hold two people at once, but the group sledded on it anyway. When they caught air by going over the first bump, it popped when they landed again.

The bullies then flounced off as the trio miserably consulted the damage. It is unknown if Teddy replaced it or patched it, and Nate said he thought it was beyond patching.


  • In a Sunday comic released on February 15, 2009, Nate has a snow tube called" Supa Sno-tube and Teddy has a snow tube called razor, but in "Big Nate Goes for Broke," Teddy's tube is the "Supa Sno" one.
  • Nate once brought a Supa-Sno Tube to the party store and had them fill it up with helium. When he used it to go off a ramp, the tube went into a tree and popped.
  • Nate was also seen with a Supa-Sno Tube when he, Francis and Teddy went sledding in twenty-degree weather.


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