"Don't forget the glass walls, pinhead."
―Sherman speaking to Nate Wright

Sherman is the class pet in Ms. Godfrey's room. He is a gerbil. He was brought to class by Ms. Godfrey on November 10th, 2014, and the class voted his name to be Sherman, being named after William Tecumseh Sherman.


"Excuse me, but my life ain't better than yours."


  • Nate Wright wanted him to be called "Shaq" at first.
  • He "talks" through thought bubbles, referencing characters Garfield and Snoopy. He is also the only animal in the series to communicate, but no one understands him because he doesn't actually speak.
  • Once, Gina brought in a troll so Sherman would have a buddy. Sherman found it very humiliating, and Nate later removed it, as he was on gerbil duty.
  • He has a cousin, Howard the lab rat.
  • Nate once did not complete his homework, so he tried to get Sherman to shred it. Sherman shredded it, but Nate was caught.
  • Sherman plays Go-Fish with Nate.
  • When Mr. Rosa would not allow Nate to paint a picture of a dog for art, Nate painted a picture of Sherman.
  • He is the only one not from the Godfrey family to see inside her house.
  • Sherman once ran away from his cage on May 7, 2019.
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