"...And a 4-year lifespan. Shut up, kid."
―Sherman "speaking" to Nate Wright

Sherman is the class pet in Ms. Godfrey's room. He is a gerbil. He was brought to class by Ms. Godfrey on November 10th, 2014, and the class voted his name to be Sherman, being named after William Tecumseh Sherman. He plays a big role in Big Nate: Hug It Out! Although Hug it Out was a collection of strips, not a real story, he was in many strips back then. So he is a old character.

"and a four year life span. Shut up, kid."



  • Nate Wright wanted him to be called "Shaq" at first but he got outvoted. Shaq is a famous basketball player. Learn more about him. [1]
  • He expresses his feelings, or "talks" through thought bubbles, referencing characters Garfield and Snoopy. He is also the only animal in the series to communicate, except Spitsy a little bit, but no one understands him because he doesn't actually speak. Nate understands him the way Jon understands Garfield.
  • Once, Gina Hemphill-Toms brought in a troll doll so Sherman would have a buddy. Sherman found it very humiliating, and Nate later removed it, as he was on gerbil duty. Later, she brought a rubber duck.
  • He has a cousin, Howard who is a lab rat.
  • Nate once did not complete his homework, so he tried to get Sherman to shred it. Sherman shredded it, but Nate was caught.
  • Sherman plays Go-Fish with Nate during free periods.
  • When Mr. Rosa would not allow Nate to paint a picture of a dog for art, Nate painted a picture of Sherman instead.
  • Sherman once ran away from his cage on May 7, 2019.
  • Nate once put a Cheez Doodle in Sherman's cage. Sherman "said" its was the best day of the rest of his life once he ate it.
  • Spitsy, Pickles and Sherman are the only animals to show up more than once in Big Nate.
  • He has a habit of making bitter jokes concerning his living conditions (See comic above)
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