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Sheila Stapleton is a minor character in the Big Nate series.

In the early years, she was shown to be sweet, caring, and smart, yet sometimes criticizing other boys at P.S. 38. She is known in later years to be the "yes" woman, often being used as a bystander for the joke. Shelia is Francis' girlfriend. She is also best friends with Jenny, as not only the fact that they are both on the cheer-leading squad, Sheila has comforted Jenny during many of her breakups throughout her life. Her recent appearance show her as a background character. One of her most recent appearances was when she asked Francis to the Sadie Hawkins Dance in 2011. She is also seen going on a double date with Francis, along with Teddy and Paige. It was mentioned once that she takes after-school dance lessons on Wednesdays. She is also the first Black character to be introduced in Big Nate.


When she was four years old, she attended Honey Hive Academy with Nate and Breckenridge Puffington III, or Bobby. She went to P.S. 38 in middle school. At one point, she came into a romantic relationship with Francis Pope. She also, once ran for sixth grade treasurer against Nate Wright. She has also ran for president against Francis and Nate and winning.



Francis Pope

Sheila Stapleton is Francis' girlfriend. Their relationship seemed to last throughout most of the school year, though it is possible they met in elementary school. Their relationship is such that Francis calls Sheila "Pookie", and Sheila calls Francis "cubby." Sheila is also willing to respect Francis' friends, namely Nate Wright, even though Nate thinks their relationship is annoying to him. According to him, Francis is not himself around Sheila (likely correct). Sheila believes that Francis is more sensitive and sweet than the other boys, claiming to be more like a girl than a boy. Francis proceeds to say that her statement hit a little close to home as he just isn't very "macho" (though Sheila wasn't surprised by this statement), and Francis claims to hide it very well. Sheila is not seen much in the comic strip anymore, and may have split up with Francis at some point.

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Nate Wright

Sheila respects Francis' best friend, Nate Wright, as a person and a friend, despite Nate thinking negatively of her relationship with Francis. Sheila often criticizes Nate for his behavior. At one point, they competed to become the school treasurer. Nate Wright seems to try to use Francis and Sheila to match up Jenny with Nate, but it has never worked. Nate once wanted Sheila to do a cheer for a chess meet.

Jenny Jenkins

Jenny and Sheila are best friends and are both on the cheerleading squad. They appear to be close, often looking out for one another and talking to each other.

Physical Appearance

Sheila has a round head with black hair tied into a ponytail. She wears a peach-colored plaid with pants that have a yellow-peach-colored type pattern. She also wears earrings with black shoes.


  • She is an excellent artist, she once made a enormous and beautiful vase. It is possible that it ended up in Mr. Rosa's art cabinet.

    Sheila and her vase.

Behind the Scenes

  • While introducing a new girl to her school, she claimed that she personally knew every sixth-grader in her school.
  • She and Jenny also revealed to Teddy and Nate that the girls in the 6th grade had a ranking system for the boys.
  • She helped with Teddy declare a "bloodless coup" to Nate.
  • She is one of the first black characters to be in the strip.
  • Since Jenny does horse riding, she probably rides horses too.

Although she is a main character in the comics, she makes many cameos in the books yet is almost never mentioned. She makes two cameo appearances. One in Big Nate - In a Class by Himself, in the picture when Mr. Staples tells all the students to sit down at their desks. Another cameo appearance in Big Nate Lives it Up.