School picture guy

School Picture Guy on Big Nate Island in Poptropica.

The School Picture Guy is the photographer for P.S. 38 and a friend of Nate Wright. His name has never been revealed, but Nate calls him "School Picture Guy". He occasionally does other jobs, such as his job at the fair as a clown, a mascot for Capt' Salty, or a DJ at a school dance. He lives in his mother's basement, where he watches a lot of Star Wars and Star Trek. He is known for unintentionally taking bad photos of Nate on picture day. He also has worked at a radio station; we know this because he gave a shout out for Trudy from Nate when they were trying to find each other.

He also appears on Big Nate Island, in Poptropica, an online game.


When School Picture Guy was a child, he found his first love at Robotics Club, a robot.

He later got a job as a photographer at P.S. 38, but he lived in his mother's basement, where he watches a lot of Star Wars and Star Trek. He has had several side jobs, such as being a clown at the fair, a pirate for mini golf, a DJ at a school dance, and dressed as a crab at the beach to help advertise a sea-side restaurant.

Physical Description

School Picture Guy is overweight. His outfit differs in comics, but he usually wears a plain shirt and a pant with a pattern (stripes, spots, etc.) He also wears a tie with happy faces and has a signature bandage on his forehead. His shape can be compared to Principal Nichols. He also has black hair which is thinning from the top.



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