The Royals was a little league baseball team that played against Nate's team, Joe's Chicken, in 1998. They insulted the name of Nate Wright's team after beating them in a baseball game.

Joe's Chickens cheer

The players who played for the Royals made a cheer insulting Joe's Chicken based on "2468" by the Jackson 5.


Wing! Thigh! Breast! Leg!
Who's the team that laid an egg?
Joe's Chicken! Joe's Chicken!


  • During the game between the two teams, Nate gave the opposing leadoff batter a "sportsmanlike" pat on the butt. However, the batter kept his retainer in his back pocket, and it was crushed.
  • Coincidentally, the term "lay an egg" means screwing up or doing something bad or stupid.
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