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"What a dirtbag."
Nate Wright when Randy approached him and his friends.

Randy Betancourt, nicknamed as Randy "Buttancourt", is an enemy of Nate Wright and P.S. 38's "residential scuzzball" as Nate states. According to Nate, the kids in Randy's posse are in it just because they are scared of Randy.


Randy had to retake a year of preschool, meaning he's one year older than his current classmates in sixth grade.


Randy Betancourt is mean,snobby,looks down on people, and is quite dumb. However, Randy does know alot about movie trivia and sports. He is also hotheaded and very revenge-seeking; this is most prevalent when he attempts to seek revenge on Nate several times after Nate humiliated him. He also picks on almost everybody in school.

Randy wears a T-shirt casually, which appears to have a fruit with a crown on it. He wears long, grey pants and black shoes. In color comics, his T-shirt is gray/tan and his pants are olive-green.


  • In the comics, Randy's t-shirt is usually gray/tan. In the books, it is shown on the back that it's green. Possibly he changes his t-shirt often which is different from the other characters who usually wear the same clothes every day.
  • Once, Nate was sniffing lunch bags and guessing what was inside. Randy tried to prove that he was a scam and that Nate was peeking through his blindfold. He made Nate sniff his lunch. Nate replied with "A roast beef American sandwich with mustard, a can of barbecue Pringles®, a Granny Smith apple and a note from your mother." Blushing, Randy replies, "Lucky guess," and Nate says, "It's cute that she calls you 'Lil Dumpling'," revealing the nickname his mom gives him.
  • He once shoplifted Klassic Komix, attempting to sneak out a My Little Pony book for his cousin, which was hidden in his sleeve.
  • He once played for the "Lollipops", a baseball little league teams sponsored by Bailey's Candies