Randy Betancourt Screenie

Randy as he appears in the September 11, 2011 strip.

Randy Betancourt (born August 4, 2000) is an enemy of Nate Wright and P.S 38's "residential scuzzball" as Nate states in Big Nate: Goes for Broke. Randy and Nate used to be friends, when Nate was part of his posse, but Nate soon stopped being a part of his posse, making Randy starting to bully/dislike Nate up until this current day. Nate says that the kids in his posse are in it because they are scared of Randy. Nate wants to kill Randy and step on him.


In Big Nate: In a Class by Himself

Randy makes a minor appearance in this book. During Nate and Francis's bake sale. Randy steals one of the lemon squares. Nate notices, and asks Randy to pay up for it. Randy pretends he doesn't have it and throws it away. The lemon square lands on Mrs. Godfrey and she demands who threw it. Randy lies and says Nate did it. Mrs. Godfrey believes him and writes Nate a detention slip. Nate gets revenge by throwing his Dad's coconut yogurt pie at Randy.

In Big Nate: Strikes Again

In this book, Randy is one of the main characters. Randy is the captain of his fleeceball team, the Raptors. Nate leads Randy and his posse to his locker. Nate opens his locker and Randy gets buried under trash. Later, Randy grabbed Chad's notebook and ran into Nate's table and got a bloody nose. He lied that Nate gave him a bloody nose to Ms clarke, but she knew the truth and sent him to the nurse. In the fleeceball game between Nate's team and Randy's team, in the ninth inning, Randy grounded out to first base and stomped on Nate's foot. Gina replaced Nate and committed an error, allowing two runs. Gina hit a walk-off home run, defeating the Raptors.

In Big Nate: On A Roll

Randy does not make an appearance in this book.

In Big Nate: Goes for Broke

Randy makes a minor appearance in this book. When Nate and Dee Dee arrive at the Beach Party Dance, Randy insults them by yelling out that Nate and Dee Dee are the "hot new couple". Dee Dee punks Randy by saying that he has no friends. When Nate is in the middle of changing his clothes for the dance Randy steals them. He was not seen in the rest of the book.

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