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Prank Day is an unofficial day at P.S. 38. It always takes place on the last or second to last day of school. On Prank Day, students play pranks to other students and the teachers of P.S. 38, although teachers, of course, very much disapprove.

Nate Wright has the tendency to pull off the biggest and best pranks, although in one year his things were confiscated by his father.

The teachers use several means to try to stop it, from punishing pranksters to invading lockers to posting a "cop" outside the school, but nothing works and the students continue pulling pranks.

List of Committed Pranks

Teddy Ortiz

  • Frog let loose in Mr. Galvin's room

Francis Pope

  • Whoopee cushion put on Mrs. LaChance's chair
  • Toilet signs of the boys' and girls' bathrooms switched around

Chad Applewhite

  • Wedgied Nate Wright

Nate Wright

  • Entire Parking lot filled with cream of wheat
  • Flying squirrel let loose
  • Moose in hallways
  • Principal Nichols's desk stolen
  • Mrs. Godfrey's head pinned on the body of a sumo wrestler sent all over the district disguised as an urgent message from the superintendent
  • Coach John's toupee snatched by a falcon
  • Nichols's car stolen
  • Raccoons let loose in the faculty lounge
  • Birds attacking Mr. Galvin
  • Mrs. Godfrey sitting on Lime Jello
  • Fire Ants attacking Mr. Staples
  • Llama let loose in the multipurpose room
  • Sent lovesick rodeo clown for a date with Mrs. Godfrey
  • Crown gram sent to Mrs. Godfrey
  • Sumo gram sent to Mrs. Godfrey by sumo wrestler from Peru
  • Parrot saying prank day nonsense over and over in Mrs. Godfrey's classroom
  • Company sending Mrs. Godfrey a "thigh-master"
  • Two meters of wheat meal covering the whole school parking lot
  • School parking lot covered in chocolate.
  • Nate got a bunch of gooey red stuff on his self and shouted paper cut
  • Carpeted library with bubble wrap.
  • Covered the teachers' lounge in six inches of tomato sauce
  • Nichols desk stolen
  • Pumped helium into Principal Nicholds office so his voice would be high
  • Used heat-activated paint to write loser on Coach John's shirt
  • Super glued a dead fish inside a printer


  • Hid a dozen rotten eggs in Mr. Fitz's woodshop


  • Water Balloon was thrown into Girl's Locker Room
  • Sheep in Nichols's office by unknown, probably Nate
  • Principal Nichols' car stolen
  • Salt in Mr. Galvin's coffee
  • Signs on girl's and boy's bathrooms switched.
  • All the ketchup and mustard bottles in the cafetorium unscrewed.
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