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Phil Gaffney is a substitute teacher at P.S. 38. He taught Mrs. Godfrey's class while Clara Godfrey was out on sabbatical.


Not much is known about Mr. Gaffney except that he was a long-term substitute teacher for Clara Godfrey when she went on sabbatical.

After Nate Wright and Teddy Ortiz entered the classroom, Mr. Gaffney reveals himself to be a long-term substitute for Mrs. Godfrey, who is going on sabbatical. Eventually, Nate gives him a nickname, Al G (Amish-Looking Guy). He started liking it.


  • He was seen again in Nate's comic: "Old Teacher versus Young Teacher". Nate was caught doing this by Mr. Gaffney.
  • Mr. Gaffney once called Mrs. Godfrey “Big Mama”.
  • Nate Wright nickname for him is A.L.G, which stands for "Amish Looking Guy".
  • He came back to sub a year later and didn't remember Francis Pope or Teddy, but he remembered Nate and screamed then he calmed down and said hi. This shows that Nate probably caused a lot of chaos.



Ms. Clarke

Phil Gaffney seems to be friends with Ms. Clarke because she asked him how his first day was. It is unknown if they are in a relationship.

Martin Wright

Phil Gaffney and Martin are neighbors.