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Pedro Ortiz, known for being a hypnotist, is the brother of Mr. Ortiz, and therefore the paternal uncle of Teddy Ortiz. He has several talents, including small engines repairs, woodcarving, card tricks, and hypnosis, and several others.


Pedro Ortiz was most likely born in Puerto Rico and grew up with his brother, Mr. Ortiz. After moving to the United States, he lived in a walking distance to his brother's family and friends. His nephew, Teddy, introduced him to his friends at one point, and Pedro became known for his skill in hypnosis, as he hypnotized Mr. Holloway and Mrs. Godfrey.

After Nate Wright was framed for losing a camera that he promised his friend he would keep safe, his friend got mad and blamed Nate that he "lost" the camera as a result of his untidyness. In an effort to become neat, Nate visited Pedro's house with Teddy to get hypnotized into getting neat. Pedro performed a card trick in front of him, and Nate was baffled. The trick worked, as Nate instantly became neater.

Soon after, Pedro embarked on a trip to Mexico.


Pedro has a large variety of talents, such as small engine repairing, woodcarving, music lessons, and card tricks. His most notable talent is hypnosis, which apparently can wear off after a very dramatic event.


Pedro Ortiz appears to be a kind and cheerful man. He is tall slim, wears a hat, square glasses, a flowered shirt, and striped pants. He also has a thin beard.


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