The party of Dee Dee Holloway was an event in the winter at Dee Dee's house. According to Teddy Ortiz, it was "the best party in the universe." Nate wasn't able to join because he was attending Trudy's party, his girlfriend at the time. This party would later be an important factor in his breakup with Trudy.


Nate and Dee Dee, days before the event.

To prepare for the party, Dee Dee, the "drama queen", sent invitations between the vents of lockers during school. Shortly before the event, Dee Dee's fellow student and good friend Nate Wright agreed to attend a party with Gertrude, his girlfriend. To his dismay, Dee Dee invited Nate to the party. However, Nate revealed the party with Trudy, thus declining the invitation. He proceeded to explain who the host of his party, Lindsay Phillips, was.

The Event

According to Dee Dee, every sixth grader (except Nate) attended the party. During the celebration, Mark "put the moves" on Lily. At one point, Jason caused a spectacle for himself by fake-sneezing into the bean dip. Teddy also did something very notable under the ping-pong table, though Francis did not find out at first. A #2 pencil also was found in a bowl of fruit punch at the snack table. Chester also took a bath.


Francis and Teddy continued talking about the party for days, to Nate's great annoyance. He asked Marty Wright, his father if he could be driven to school to avoid hearing about it, but Marty declined.


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