"Hi, Francis! Hi, Nate!"
Paige seeing Francis and Nate.

Paige Roberts is a sixth grade student at P.S. 38. She used to go out with Teddy Ortiz before they broke up.


Paige and Teddy got into a relationship, and she started calling him names like Teddy Bear and Cuddle Cub. She didn't realize that this caused Teddy to feel embarrassed, especially near his friends. Later on, she asked Teddy out to the Sadie Hawkins Dance. She and Teddy also went on a double date with Francis Pope and Sheila Stapleton.

Paige gave Teddy a red sweater she made for him, but Teddy went in front of her and said that he wanted to break up. Paige reacted calmly and accepted it, although this caused Teddy to feel confused because she wasn't bummed out.



Paige has a friendly personality, but can also be dramatic, as Teddy claims that she cries during "Taco Bell" commercials.


Paige has shoulder length hair, usually colored dirty blonde. She doesn't always wear the same clothes, although she usually wears a blue or purple blouse with blue jeans.


  • Paige may have a passion knitting, as she made Teddy a sweater for school picture day.
  • According to Teddy, she cries during "Taco Bell" commercials.
  • Paige babysits her brothers after school.
  • She seems to be good at drawing.


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