The P.S. 38 soccer field is the home of the P.S. 38 Bobcat's soccer teams. It is also used for P.E and hosted P.S. 38's field day, and may have also hosted outside baseball games before. It seems that on the outside of the soccer field there is a running track.

It is primarily used to host athletic events.

History of the Field

  • The soccer field was presumably built when P.S. 38 opened in the 20th century, as it was not built before.
  • Nate Wright once was involved in a fight with Randy Betancourt there, and it resulted with Randy dislocating his wrist. Nate has been involved in some small incidents on the field before, including once accidentally gluing himself onto the goal post, and another time, he got in trouble for making a save by jumping onto Francis Pope's back.
  • It is also the field where Artur inadvertently scored the winning goal when a ball hit his head and fell into the away team's goal.
  • Field Day was hosted there. The sixth graders, led by Gina, who was the captain, lost every competition against the seventh graders except for the three-legged race ran by Chad Applewhite and Maya.
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