The P.S. 38 School Library is a location in the P.S. 38 building. Inside the library is filled with beanbag chairs. Also, it's one of the perfect places for table football, as said by Nate Wright. The school library's librarian is Mrs. Hickson. The library is filled with books, just like with any other library.

Big Nate Strikes Again

Nate Wright was first sent done to the library for goofing off in science class, when he got caught dressing up like Batman. He was soon sent to the library by Mr. Galvin.

Once Mrs. Hickson saw Nate lying on the beanbag chairs at the Book Nook, she asked Nate what work he needed to do. Nate replied he needed to do his project for Benjamin Franklin, and that ended up him working on his project for the rest of the day.

At the end of the book, Nate goes there to write his sports wrap, in the book Big Nate: Strikes Again, where eventually Gina gets in trouble for yelling in the library at what Nate wrote.

Big Nate Blasts Off

Dee Dee and Nate went to the library to talk about Ruby Dinsmore. Nate was upset because Dee Dee babbled about Nate liking Ruby to a couple of people, and those couple of people turned into the whole 6th grade. Later, Dee Dee spots Randy coming, who soon sabotages Nate's backpack, which led to Mrs. Hickson becoming upset with Nate, but she overlooked it when she made them clean up the mess as a replacement for detention.


  • Nate once broke a bean bag chair which was there by jumping off a table.
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