Intramurals, also known as SPOFFs (Sports Played Only For Fun) are unofficial sports that P.S. 38 students play between seasons.

They were held in Big Nate: Strikes Again. Teachers call them intramurals, while students simply said SPOFF. Nate mentions that they are played for fun and bragging rights, but games can be intense since kids play with people they know their whole life. Nate's goal is to win the Spoffy (SPOFF trophy) even though it is just aluminum foil wrapped around an empty Dr. Pepper can.

Big Nate: Strikes Again

Main article: Quest to Defeat the Raptors

In Big Nate: Strikes Again, the game of the season is fleeceball. Nate is confident he and his team will win because he is one of the captains. But throughout the story, Nate has missed the captains' meeting and forgot telling Coach Calhoun the name of his team, causing him to lose some advantages and getting a horrible start to the season.

In the final game, which is Kuddle Kittens (Nate's team) vs. Raptors (Randy's team), Randy purposely stomps on Nate's foot, swelling it. Nate is forced to watch the game while Gina Hemphill-Toms swings (which he feels not so confident about). But when Gina hits the ball, it hits over the banner, giving Kuddle Kittens a home run and a victory in the game. Then, Coach Calhoun hands Gina the SPOFFY (much to Nate's dismay).


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