The P.S 38 Gym is the home of the P.S 38 Bobcat's basketball team, and it also hosts SPOFFs fleeceball. It is also used for P.E, and it hosted the P.S 38 Students vs. Teachers basketball match.


The gym is pretty ordinary in design, with bleachers and hoops. In the middle is a bobcat painted by Coach John which Nate describes as "a gerbil with a glandular problem". [glandular def = relating to or affecting a gland or glands.] The scoreboard can only display two-digit numbers, so once, the Bobcats were trailing one hundred seventeen to twelve, but the scoreboard only displayed seventeen to twelve.


The gym was presumably damaged twice when the school had mold, and when the sprinkler system malfunctioned.

In a game in the early to mid 1990s, Nate, who was a bench warmer who could not take off his sweatpants back then, was called up in the last minutes of the game after a player called Eddie received five fouls. Nate, despite Coach Calhoun's objections to not score, scored the winning basket

In another game, Nate had to play against a kid that he hated. In the last few seconds, the kid taunted him, as the Bobcats were losing, and Nate looked like he was about to score. However, he passes the ball to Teddy Ortiz instead, who scored the winning basket.

The SPOFFs fleeceball games were all held at the gym, including the final, where the Kuddle Kittens beat the Raptors.

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