The P.S. 38 Centennial Scavenger Hunt was a scavenger hunt which celebrated P.S. 38's centennial.


The event was held for the sixth-grade students, who were divided into teams. Each team was given a list of twelve items they must find. The last item was listed as "something that would make P.S. 38 a better place". Gina's Geniuses and Nate's Non-Stoppers finished at the same time, although Nate's team won. Said team found a priceless mural by artist Granny Peppers. The reward for their team was a ride in a hot air balloon, which was revealed to them after the event was over.

Known Teams and Team Leaders

Listed Items

  1. A desk with an inkwell.
  2. A photograph of P.S 38's first principal.
  3. A map of a the U.S when it only had 45 states.
  4. An antique magnifying glass(Without waking up Mr. Galvin)
  5. A hundred year old spelling bee trophy.
  6. Something that would make P.S. 38 a better place
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