P.S. 38's fight song is a special song used in P.S. 38. The song was created by Mrs. Shipulski, the school secretary, but the idea was made by Nate Wright.



The P.S. 38 Bobcats had a game against a school named Presswick Middle School. Nate Wright talked to the school principal, Principal Nichols, who said that the school didn't even have a fight song, so Nate decided to create a fight song to sing in the pep rally but Geraldine Shipulski beat him to it.

Just when Nate started, Mrs. Shipulski, the school secretary, also created one. It was very popular, getting over 8 million hits on YouTube, and Chad Applewhite used it as his ringtone for his phone, much to Nate's annoyance. Nate tried making a fight song but it was to vulgar for the audience it was intended for.

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