"...a building that smells like a combination of chalk dust, ammonia, and Mystery Meat."
Nate Wright describing P.S. 38[src]

P.S. 38, or Public School #38, is the school where most of the Big Nate comic strips take place. Nate Wright, a student at the school, does not like the school, as it is beaten up and old. The school is over 100 years old, and is two or three floors high. The mascot of P.S. 38 is the Bobcat.


P.S. 38 opened on February 7, 1912, making it over a century old. Over the years, the school has gotten old, and beaten up. Paint started to peel, and problems occurred more frequently. When a mural by folk artist Granny Peppers was discovered in the school, P.S. 38 sold it to a museum. The money they received was used for repairs on the school.


  • Locker rooms
  • Classrooms * Restrooms
  • Cafetorium
  • Gymnasium
  • Field
  • Library
  • Faculty Lounge
  • Student Lounge (converted from the photocopy room)
  • Parking/Faculty parking lot
  • Computer Lab
  • Detention


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Wesley Nichols - Principal Clara Godfrey - Social Studies Ken Rosa - Art Ms. LaChance - French Ms. Brindle - Life Skills (Home Economics) Ms. Czerwicki - Detention Monitor Coach John - Retired Phys. Ed teacher/Substitute Coach Calhoun - Phys. Ed/Health teacher Mr. Galvin - Science Ms. Clarke - English Mrs. Shipulski - Secretary


  • P.S. 38 is rivals with Jefferson Middle School, another middle school in Nate's town. It is said that Jefferson is a sister institution of P.S. 38. *P.S. 38 could be based off a school in New York.
  • It is more than 100 years old.
    • P. S. 38 has been around since 1912 as seen in several comic strips.


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