Nolan (1)


Student, Wrestler


Teasing P.S. 38 students, sledding, winning




Members of the Jefferson Wrestling Team, Dustin Moore (one sided one Nolan's side)


Nate Wright, Francis Pope, Teddy Ortiz, Chad Applewhite, Dee Dee Holloway, Dustin Moore (one sided on Dustin's side), Randy Betancourt



Re-enaction in Big Nate: Revolutionary (2019)

Paul Derek Schubert

Nolan is a seventh-grade student and a bully who attends Jefferson Middle School. He lives near Teddy Ortiz. He and his friends are especially mean to P.S. 38's students, including Nate Wright and his friends. Nolan is the leader of his posse.


While Nolan was attending Jefferson Middle School, P.S. 38, their rival school, temporarily closed down. This caused their students to have to attend Jefferson Middle School during the closure. Nolan stole Chad Applewhite's pillow cushion which he needed for his injured tailbone. Nolan's class was then challenged by P.S. 38 for the Ultimate Snowdown, a snow-sculpting competition

Later, Nolan participated in the 38th Annual Mud Bowl, an Ultimate Frisbee competition. While practicing, he encountered Nate in a museum and would have beat him had Randy Betancourt not interfered. When he failed to catch a flying frisbee and Nate did, he lost the game, breaking Jefferson's winning streak.

Physical Appearance

Nolan has light blonde hair. In both of the books he appears in, he wears a light colored shirt with a capital "J" on it ("J" represents "Jefferson"). He also wears dark jeans and white shoes. According to Nate Wright, Nolan is very strong.

Personality and Traits

Nolan is highly sadistic, vindictive, and competitive. He enjoys degrading students of P.S. 38, Jefferson's rival school, and his only known pet peeve is losing, which he throws a fit more than most other pet peeves.


Dustin Moore

Dustin Moore is neither truly friends nor enemies with Nolan.


  • Despite appearing rarely, Nolan has a tendency to play a major role when he does show up.
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