Nick Blonsky is a minor character in the Big Nate novel series. He makes his first major appearance in Big Nate: Flips Out, where he appears as one of the main antagonists. He is also mentioned in comics before that such as in Big Nate: Strikes Again and Big Nate: In A Class By Himself.

Physical Appearance

He has brown curly hair, has a bit of a "paunch", usually wearing a plaid, grided shirt, with a white backpack. He wears black pants with a belt and gray shoes.

Personality and Traits

According to Nate, Nick is also a huge liar like when Nate depicted him saying he was on the Olympic water skiing team. He is notable for having a nasty habit of picking his nose during class, but he says he does it because he's "digging for gold". Whenever he makes the 'P' sound in his speech, he spits in the process, which Nate thinks is annoying. He doesn’t seem to have any friends, most likely because he has a reputation for being a dirtbag and a liar.


"...he doesn't get much done because he's too busy 'digging for gold.'"
―Nate mentions Nick in a comic, listing his five worst potential project partners[src]

Nate saw Nick Blonsky in a dream, where he remarked that “...everyone is raising their hand, even Nick Blonsky--who is usually in the back row with a pencil up his nose.” Nick was also listed as one of Nate's worst project partners.

"Pinching that camera was the best thing I ever did! [...] Go ahead! Report your butts off! You can't prove anything!"
―Nick Blonsky reveals that he stole the camera[src]

In the story, it is seen that he was in charge of last year's chronicle (which did not go well). Later in the story, Nick finds out Nate has one of the school cameras and steals it from Nate's locker, causing tensions in Nate and Francis' friendship. He later reveals himself as the thief because he wanted to start and witness a rigged fight for his own pleasures. He is soon suspended after Dee Dee recovers proof of this and was not able to join Gina's Geniuses in the Trivia Slam and instead, replaced by Randy Betancourt.

Shortly before Field Day, Nick Blonsky overheard Dee Dee Holloway and Nate Wright during which time he was picking his nose. He was seen again picking his nose again, then in the lunchroom eating by himself. Eventually, he became part of Gina's Geniuses.


  • He stole a P.S. 38 camera from Nate's locker for his own pleasure.
  • He is very slim in Big Nate Strikes Again, since he is a doodle, but fat and obnoxious in Big Nate Flips Out.
  • Whenever he says a word that starts or has the letter “P”, he spits, which is similar to the speech of Peter Mason.
  • He couldn't catch anything in any of the sports that he played, but somehow he accidentally caught the camera that was thrown way up high by Randy.
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