Nate Wright's mother was the former wife of Martin Wright.


She married Nate Wright's father, Marty Wright, at an unknown time. She gave birth to two children, Nate Wright and Ellen Wright. However, she divorced him either when Nate was a baby or when he was eight years old.

On March 4, 1991, Nate stated that his parents divorced three years prior to the strip. However, this leads to a continuity error in the May 11, 1997 strip, where Nate claims his parents divorced when he was very much younger. From there, she lived over two thousand miles away from her former family.

As a result, she rarely saw her children. Nate could only send a card every once in a while and a phone call. She also remarried, though it is unknown what happened to her after that. Nate once wondered if his Mom was willing to take custody of him due to his father's terrible cooking skills, reputation for handing out healthy foods because he says he wants to not contribute to the obesity epidemic, all while keeping all the sugary candies to himself. One running gag shows Ellen and Nate asking Marty when he was going to get re-married. They often took pity on him every Valentine's Day.

The reason why she divorced from Nate's father is unknown. However, it is rumored that they divorced because they were arguing over what's best for Nate, buying things they should have, and what to hand out to kids on every Halloween. Since Nate's mom couldn't take it anymore, she moved out of the house. Indeed, Nate stated that the divorce was mostly her idea.

The reason why Nate's mom divorced his dad is most likely the same reasons as Nate's when he gets annoyed by his father, like laziness and not hard working.

This character will probably never appear in the comic again, though it's fun to imagine it. There has not yet been confirmation from Lincoln Pierce that he ever plans to reveal Nate's mom.



  • This individual is a rarely mentioned, off-screen character in the "Big Nate" comic strip. She was first mentioned on March 4, 1991.
  • A long-lasting rumor has lasted that her first name is Sara, though there is evidence sufficient to prove this is false.


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