Nate Wright's Cheez Doodle collection is a collection of Cheez Doodles, owned by Nate Wright. The collection consists of all kinds of Cheez Doodles including:

  • a completely straight Cheez Doodle
  • a "J" shaped Cheez Doodle (J is the first letter of the name of Jenny Jenkins, Nate's former crush).
  • a Cheez Doodle with a hole
  • a Cheez Doodle shaped like Abraham Lincoln's head
  • Cheez Doodles shaped like the cast of "The Today Show"
  • five Cheez Doodles stuck together

Nate Wright brought it out to show it to Francis Pope and Teddy Ortiz when they were stuck inside due to rain. Not able to bear it, Francis Pope and Teddy Ortiz decided that rain was better than listening to Nate Wright and went out for Basketball.


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