Nate Wright has had five girlfriends in his lifetime.


Angie Picard was
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Angie Picard

 Nate's first girlfriend. She appears in Big Nate: Dibs On This Chair.

When Nate's grades were so low, he had to go to summer school. There, he meets Angie and they become a couple. These comics were made in about 1998. However, Angie breaks up with Nate and ten seconds later, she's going out with Dan Labreque. She's mentioned later when Nate takes Jenny Jenkins to the dance.

Kelly is Nate's second girlfriend. She appears in The Complete Big Nate 11.

They first meet when Nate goes to soccer camp. They meet and they soon become a couple. This is also when Coach John is introduced. Soon, Jenny is available. Nate breaks up with Kelly at the back of a detention slip.

Trudy is Nate's third girlfriend. She appears in Big Nate: Hug It Out! and the strip was released in 2015.

One day at the fair, Nate wants to ride the Flamethrower. He meets this cute girl, who disapeared. Then she was known as "The mystery girl." It turns out, she goes to P.S. 38, and she's in seventh grade! They become a couple, But Nate breaks up with her because she is taking up too much of his time.

Trudy Blackwell


Kelly Melain

Ruby Dinsmore is Nate's Fourth Girlfriend. Her one and only appearance is in Big Nate: Blasts Off.

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Ruby Dinsmore

Both Nate and Randy Betancourt had liked Ruby at that time. There was a big war. However, Randy found out Ruby liked Nate instead of him. They broke up because she had to move to California. Daisy

Daisy Welmon

is Nate's Fifth Girlfriend. The comic strip was released in 2017.

When Nate gave out Valentines, Daisy was the only one who really noticed. Nate fell in love with her, and they started to date. Daisy, however, didn't like cheez doodles, so they broke up.

Nate's Crushes

Dawn Michelle, a.k.a. unidentified leader of Jefferson Posse, appeared in Big Nate: Goes For Broke, which is her only appearance. She decided to play a little prank on Nate when he was at Jefferson by writing P.S. 38 STINKS! On his cast.

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