Mrs. Brindle is the Life-Skills teacher at P.S. 38, who Nate Wright describes as the kindest-teacher in the whole school, which is pretty good from Nate considering he hardly likes any teachers at all.


Nate says that Mrs. Brindle teaches them some boring stuff like how to calculate Sales Tax, but some good stuff as well like how to cook chocolate chip muffins, which Nate only likes because they get to do a taste test at the end.

Mrs. Brindle first appears in Big Nate: In The Zone and has appeared only once in the comics. In Big Nate : In the Zone, Nate and Chad have to take a broken beanbag to her so she can teach them how to fix it after Nate put a hole in it while playing "beanbag Olympics" in the library. While there, they find out from her that the school is becoming a Fitness Zone, which Nate’s band gets to sing about later in the book. They couldn’t remember the lyrics though.

Mrs. Brindle was making stuffed cabbage rolls when Nate Wright and Chad Applewhite brought Mrs. Brindle a broken beanbag chair. Mrs. Brindle helped the two mend it. During this time, she also offered them some of the rolls, appalling them.


  • Nate gave her the nickname "Recipe for disaster".
  • She once gave herself food poisoning while showing students how to make crab rangoon.
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