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Mrs. Bigbee

Mrs. Bigbee is a first-grade teacher at P.S. 38. She does not like Nate Wright and hates it when it's book buddy time as Nate comes to her classroom. She teaches Miranda and Peter.


Mrs. Bigbee started teaching first-grade classes at P.S. 38 at one point. When Nate was a first grader, she taught Nate, Francis Pope, Jenny Jenkins, and several other students. Nate once nicknamed her "Mrs. Bigbutt," because Nate thought she had a big bottom. And, at one point, he created a dent in a desk with his head. She, along with Ms. Clarke, are involved in the "book buddy" program where sixth graders read books with their first-grade buddies. When Nate became a sixth-grader, Nate showed up for the book buddy program, causing Mrs. Bigbee to feel terrified to have to interact with him again. She has been teaching for at least six years.


These are some of her most notable students.

  • Nate Wright - Now a 6th grader, Nate sometimes comes back to be a book buddy for Peter. He was very memorable when he was in Mrs. Bigbee's first grade class, and she was not happy when finding out that he was now a book buddy. When Nate was in first grade, he made a nickname for Mrs. Bigbee, Mrs. Bigbutt.
  • Peter Mason - Peter is a first grader in Mrs. Bigbee's class. He is Nate's book buddy and writting buddy, but dreads book buddy and writting buddy time since he is a better reader than Nate. He has made appearances outside of Mrs. Bigbee's class as well.
  • Miranda - Another first grader, Miranda is very violent and aggressive. Once, Nate had to substitute as her book buddy, and she threatened to "deck" him. Nate is scared of her. She has made appearances outside of Mrs. Bigbee's class as well. She watches boxing shows and that is what probably made her so aggressive.
  • Francis Pope - Mrs. Bigbee taught Francis at the same time as Nate. Though nowadays, they never interact. We are assuming, from Francis' track record, that she liked him a lot.


  • Mrs. Bigbee is particularly old, as Nate said he thought that she was dead.
  • Nate's nickname for her is "Mrs. Bigbutt".
  • It is obvious that she likes to have Nate Wright in her classroom as little as possible.