Mrs. Bigbee

Mrs. Bigbee

Mrs. Bigbee is a first-grade teacher at P.S. 38.


Mrs. Bigbee started teaching first-grade classes at P.S. 38 at one point. In one particular school year, she taught Nate Wright, Francis Pope, Jenny Jenkins, and several other students. Big Nate nicknamed her "Mrs. Bigbutt", and at one point, he created a dent in a desk with his head. She, along with Ms. Clarke, are involved in the "book buddy" program where sixth graders read books with her first-grade students. When Nate became a sixth-grader, he and his class showed up for the book buddy program, causing Mrs. Bigbee to feel terrified to have to interact with him again. She has been teaching for at least six years.


  • Mrs. Bigbee is particularly old, as Nate said he thought she would be dead.
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